Kyklos International Folk Dancers

We meet Sundays, 7:00 pm Pacific Time. We dance until 9:00 pm

We are waiting for the OK from Reed College to return to in-person dancing in the Sports Center Dance Studio (on Botsford Drive) in the fall of 2022. Watch emails for an announcement about this.

When we resume in-person, we plan to have a Zoom link for people who cannot or choose not to attend.

Our repertoire (listed by dance or by country) contains a variety of dances from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Israel, and the United States, with a mix of couple, line/circle, and set dances.  Recently taught dances.

Newcomers are warmly welcomed. Come dance with us!

** Kyklos events are Fragrance-Free ** Please do not wear chemicals or scented products to in-person events.